Project Creation

The interface of creating a new project is shown as following. We use bounding box annotation as an example.

video bounding box annotation screenshot

Creating a bounding box annotation project

To start with, you need to upload the Item List which contains the information of items to be labeled. You can upload image lists like image_list.yml provided in the examples/ folder, with either paths to the images or publicly readable urls. To import existing projects, upload the Json file exported by Scalabel. The items and corresponding labels in the exported project will be loaded into the current project. You can also upload the prediction Json file of detection and segmentation models in the BDD data format to achieve semi-automatic annotation.

For Categories and Attributes, you can upload the yaml files that contain the labels and attribute descriptions respectively. Please refer to examples/ folder for more details.

After a project is created, you can click Go to Vendor Dashboard to access all the tasks created in the Vendor Dashboard.

the screenshot of the vendor dashboard

The vendor dashboard

Go to the project dashboard by clicking the Go to Dashboard button. In addition to the features of the vendor dashboard, you can also export the labeled results and task URLs in the project dashboard. Scalabel exports projects in the BDD data format; you can load the exported Json file back in Item List as described above.

the screenshot of the project dashboard

The project dashboard

Go to the annotation interface and start the work by clicking a task link.